Friday, 17 February 2017

Top 5 websites for copyright free music for video projects

If your students need a backing soundtrack for their video projects, here are five websites which they can use:
  1. Audionautix– A search engine for Creative Commons licensed music (Free for commercial use)
  2. Freeplaymusic –Free for classroom use
  3. Purple-Planet – Free to use in most cases as long as credit is given to the author. A paid license is required if you plan on distributing or broadcasting with a third party.
  4. Youtube Audio Library - You can use it only for YouTube videos including monetised content. Attribution may be required.
  5. Incompetech - Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 license (Free for commercial use)
Please note that whilst all of these sites offer free music, you are required to credit the author of the music appropriately. The credit/license details are always given on the music download page and you should read these with your students before using the music in their videos.

*Bonus link for schools in London: LGfL Audio Network- Free for classroom use.